Razor Angel Bike for Girls

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The Razor Angel Bike for Girls is a very petite and stylish bike that is designed for the kid with a spirit of adventure. It features a stem which is attached to a four bolt system and comes with brakes operated by hand together with a twenty inch wheel which has forty eight spokes and it rolls and rides nice with better traction for balance. The frames and the suspension fork are designed with a high quality material for durability and rigidity while the pegs offer enough versatility.

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The Razor Angel Bike for Girls comes with the following features:

  • The suspension fork and frame is manufactured from a steel material that is sturdy and durable.
  • The rims come with 48 spokes for extra strength and are sized at twenty inches offering low rolling resistance.
  • Utilizes hand brakes which operates the front and rear wheels for a better stopping force.
  • Comes with two pegs.
  • The seat comes with a clamp made from alloy material.


This bike is a very sleek little princess that fit kids in a stylish way. It comes partially assembled and the instruction for assembly is a little bit complex especially for fitting the hand brakes. The construction material is very tough and will take whatever abuse you give to it.

The riding of this bike is very smooth and the handling is superb. The coaster brakes employed are very efficient and they provide enough force for braking. The seat is very comfortable and will not cause soreness to the bottom part of your body. You kid will definitely grow to love this solid bike and it will serve as your kids continue to grow into it till they are ready to transit to bike with gears.

The twenty inches tires rolls well with better traction while the wheels comes with forty eight spokes which offers added strength to the wheel assembly.

The Razor Angel Bike for Girls delivers superb performance and comes recommended for your kids as they will definitely enjoy the features and have fun.

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