Mongoose Scan R70 Freestyle Bike for Boys

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The Mongoose Scan R70 Freestyle Bike for Boys is built to be light weight for better handling and control. It features a tough frame made from cro-moly with ahead system for compression and an internal headset. This impressive beast also comes with a thirty six spoke wheel made from black alloy and double walled, a four bolt stem system together with a two piece handle bar, U-brakes positioned at the rear, three piece crank in tubular design, an aluminium chain ring with a 25/9 system of micro driving, a one-piece seat and seat post and pedals made from alloy for durability.

These configurations make the bike the perfect choice for either ramp or street use.

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The Mongoose Scan R70 Freestyle Bike for Boys comes with the following features:

  • Sports a very light frame made from cro-moly material that has a compression system and an internal headset together with a suspension fork designed to ride bumps and dirt trails with ease.
  • An alloy wheel designed with double walls and comes with thirty spokes for superb control and better riding characteristics.
  • U-brakes utilized in the rear for a powerful and controlled stopping force.
  • A three piece crank that comes in the same color with the pedals.


The Mongoose Scan R70 Freestyle Bike for Boys is very simple to assemble and fine tune even as it doesn’t come with an instruction booklet for setting up. It’s a pretty cool bike that rides smooth and fast, balances very well and very tough.

The chain set is kind of bulky and breaks easily due to the design which disconnects the entire chain system by removing just a pin from the link and rolling the unit off will cause it to snap plus the bike makes some noise when you are not pedalling and letting it roll by itself.

The material used for the frame construction, handle bar and suspension fork makes the whole unit, very light and tough while the seat is made from plastic covered with strong fabric. It offers decent comfort and note that the sitting angle cannot be adjusted as the seat and the post are of one construction.

Generally, this bike is worth buying as it comes with impressive features for a better and decent ride.

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