Mongoose Scan R30 Freestyle Bicycle for Boys

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The Mongoose Scan R30 Freestyle Bicycle for Boys is an excellent little machine that comes with a suspension fork and frame designed to be lightweight, yet sturdy enough to take the grills of freestyle stunts and tricks. It also features a mag alloyed wheel, an alloyed rotor system stem with a four bolt configuration, handle bars that come in two piece, calliper front brakes and rear U-brakes with a four pegged axle. This bike comes with a single speed configuration which is multi versatile, durable and rugged to handle trails, streets and any other surfaces with relative ease while giving you the flexibility to grind whatever freestyle moves out of it without sweat.

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The Mongoose Scan R30 Freestyle Bicycle for Boys comes with the following features:

  • Frames fabricated from mag aluminium wheels with bearings that are sealed for toughness and rigidity.
  • Uses four pegs for the freestyling configuration which enables stunts and tricks.
  • A front loaded stem held in place with a four bolt system which attaches to the handle bars firm and tight.
  • Powerful braking force achieved by the use of U-brake at the rear while calliper brake is employed for the front wheel.
  • Handlebar spins a full three hundred and sixty degrees with the aid of the cable Detangler.
  • Pedal platform made from alloy for easy riding and durability.


The Mongoose Scan R30 Freestyle Bicycle for Boys ships partially assembled. The instruction manual is filled with pictures that are not specific to the bike type so assembling this unit can be a pain in the ass for novices. Best advice, take it to a bike shop for proper set up and tuning before you can unleash its potentials.

Once assembled and tuned, the bike offers a good riding characteristics and handles the road and uneven surfaces very well. One of the sweetest features is the handlebar that spins freely as this is good for controls and more skills when freestyling. The fork is very good while the frame is surprisingly light, thus making handling very easy.

Overall, for the daring biker looking for a bike that allows for fine tuning your skills, this bike comes recommended and with its awesome features, it sure won’t disappoint.

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