Eastern Bikes Piston Gyro BMX 2014

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Eastern Bikes Piston Gyro 2014 Edition BMX Bike, Gloss RedThe Piston Gyro BMX 2014 is another top-notch offering from the strong and impressive product line of the Eastern Bikes. This is an entry level bike which is ideal for learning new tricks. It also has a lot to offer to budding riders and allows them to put their acquired skills to test in the park or on the streets. Like many of the Eastern’s entry level BMX variants, this one features a 1020 hi-tensile steel frame and fork. The bike weighs around 26.7 pounds and as a result, handling this bike is quite easy. The 25/9 gearing system of this bike enables it to build speed pretty quickly while its forged 1-pc heat treated chromoly crank ensures smooth and efficient power transfer making the Piston Gyro a powerful, agile and responsive bike. Alloy 36-hole front and rear rims offer durability and make sure the bike can endure the abuses you put it through. Forged alloy rear U-brake makes sure the bike can stop pretty quickly. Kraytn rubber grips are quite soft and comfortable and offer the necessary traction so that you do not lose hold of the handle easily. The price of this bike is completely value driven and if you are looking for a solid and reliable BMX bike under a small budget, this one can be your perfect choice.
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The Piston Gyro BMX 2014 by Eastern Bikes comes with
Griffin Hi-tensile Steel Frame; 1020 Hi-tensile Steel Fork; 36-hole Sealed Bearing Front Hub with 3/8’’ Chromoly Axle; Fully Sealed 36-hole Cassette Hub; Alloy 36 Hole Front Rim; Alloy 36-Hole Rear Rim; 14g Stainless Steel Spokes with Brass Nipples; Forged Alloy Rear U-brake; Multi-surface 20’’ x 2.25’’ Front and Rear Tires; Sealed Bearing Free Wheel (9t); Eastern Saddle; Eastern Forged Alloy Seat Clamp; Nylon Pedals; Forged Alloy Frontload Stem; American Loose Ball Bottom Bracket.
The Piston Gyro by Eastern Bikes is an entry level BMX bikes. It comes with a hi-tensile frameset and fork and weighs around 26.7 pounds. The weight of the bike is tad bit on the heavier side although it handles pretty smoothly. This bicycle is quite strong and delivers a solid performance. This one features the Gyro detangler which makes sure the handle can do a full 360o sweep which enables the riders to perform some slick looking tricks. The 25/9 micro-drive gearing that the bike uses is quite impressive.
Most of the entry level bikes from Eastern Bikes have pretty poor braking and this one is no exception. The bike features rear U brakes which are quite sluggish and lacklustre. The seat as well as the pedals are quite cheap. The tires have a tendency to lose air pretty quickly and you need to keep an eye on them while riding this bike.
Overall, this bike looks quite good for its price even after considering the cost of upgrades you might have to incur. The performance it delivers is more than satisfactory and it has a lot to offer to beginners as well as budding riders. The bike is certainly value for your money and if you are looking for a solid and reliable entry level BMX bike, certainly consider The Piston Gyro as one of your options.

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