Eastern Bikes Griffin BMX 2013 Edition

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Eastern Bikes Griffin 2013 Edition BMX Bike

If are searching for a top quality BMX bike which offers to you a complete package of style, durability, performance and strength, your search ends with the Eastern Bikes’ Griffin. This bike is ideal for learning tricks and exploring the BMX path. The 1020 hi-tensile steel frame of this bicycle is extremely strong and enables it to take on anything that you throw at it. The fork of this bike is also made of 1020 hi-tensile steel frame and has the ability to take on the poundings in the park. This bike is not meant just for hitting the skate parks; it can also be used for taking on the gravel and riding this bike on the dirt is immense fun. The multi-surface tires of this bike are thick and offer durability. The forged alloy rear U brake of this bike offer ample braking force and ensure quick response. Sealed bearing front hub and a fully sealed 36-hole cassette rear hub of this bike offer durability. The 36-hole alloy rims of this bike offer strength and endurance. The price point at which this bike is being offered is a jaw-dropper and if you are looking for a solid entry level BMX bike to get started, you will not find many better BMX bikes in this price range.ss
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The Griffin by Eastern Bikes comes with
Griffin Hi-tensile Steel Frame; 1020 Hi-tensile Steel Fork; 36-hole Sealed Bearing Front Hub with 3/8’’ Chromoly Axle; Fully Sealed 36-hole Cassette Hub; Alloy 36 Hole Front Rim; Alloy 36-Hole Double Walled Rear Rim; 14g Stainless Steel Spokes with Brass Nipples; Forged Alloy Rear U-brake; Multi-surface 20’’ x 2.25’’ Front and Rear Tires; Sealed Bearing Free Wheel (9t); Eastern Saddle; Integrated Seat Clamp; Nylon Pedals; Forged Alloy Topload Stem; Sealed Bearing Mid Bottom Bracket.

The Griffin by Eastern Bikes is an entry level BMX variant which is appropriate for exploring the BMX category. This bike comes with a steel frame and fork which make the bike quite strong. It weighs around 26 pounds which is not great but still acceptable for a BMX bike. This bike does not ship fully assembled although assembly is quite easy and straight forward. However, in case you have not done something like this before and do not feel confident, take it to your local bike shop to have it set up and get going.
The Griffin by Eastern Bikes can be used for hitting the skate park or for off-road rides. The bike fairs out equally well on both the occasions. This bike is aimed at beginners who are looking for a bicycle to explore the BMX category. There are some of the components of this bike which will require upgrading upon purchase. Take the brake for example. This one comes with no front brake and a rear U brake which is frail and quite lacklustre. The pedals are pretty flimsy and the seat is not at all comfortable.
While purchasing this bike, you will have to consider not only its tagged price, but also the cost of upgrades. However, the bike delivers on its promises and performance of this one is quite satisfactory. The components, apart from the ones mentioned above, are also quite standard. Overall, the bike looks quite decent for its price and if you want a solid and reliable bike to get started on the BMX path, this one can be a good choice.

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