DK Effect BMX Bike (20-inch) 2011 Edition

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DK Effect 2011 BMX Bike, 20 Black with cyan rims

The DK Effect BMX 2011 is a complete BMX bike which is ready to take on anything you throw at it. From gruesome grinds to hyper cool stunts, this bike puts up a stunning display of it prowess. The 4130 chromoly frame of this bike can handle any kind of abuse you put them through and comes back begging for more. The 1.125-inch machined fork of this bike is quite strong and can handle the poundings with ease and grace. 8-inch 4130 full chromoly handlebar can handle extreme pressures and offers a comfortable ride position. The power transfer in this bicycle is amazing and you can feel it once you start pedalling it for the first time. The smooth power transfer can be attributed to its 3-pc 175 millimetre chromoly crank which ensures optimal power transfer and makes sure the effort you put reaches the turf. Sealed 14-millimetre cassette rear hub and the female bolt front hub of this bike are quite strong and come with the promise of durability.36 hole Alienation Blacksheep rims of this bike are extremely strong and has what it takes to withstand extreme pressures. The DK effect BMX is a complete BMX bike which can be used for doing stunts as well as hitting the gravel. The price point at which this bicycle is being offered coupled with the performance it delivers makes it an irresistible deal and if you are looking for a solid BMX bike under a small budget, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity.
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The DK Effect BMX Bike comes equipped with
4130 Sanko Full Chromoly Frame; 1.125’’ Machined Fork; 8’’ 2-piece Full Chromoly Handlebar; 3-pc 175 millimetre Chromoly Crank; 36 Hole Alienation Black Sheep Rims with Sealed 10 millimetre Front; Sealed 14-millimetre Cassette Rear Hub and Female Bolt Front Hub; Tsuka Grips; Sealed Bearing Hubs; DK Plastic Pedals.
The DK Effect BMX bike is an entry level BMX bicycle which comes with a full chromoly steel frameset and fork. The bike weighs around 25.6 pounds which is fairly acceptable for a BMX bike. The bicycle is quite strong and has the capability to handle the poundings and hard falls in the park.  The ride quality is also quite enjoyable and it can also be used for riding on the city streets as well as hitting the gravel.
Some of the components of the bike do not live up to the high standards of the bike. The brakes for example are quite frail and lacklustre. They need to be upgraded in case you plan on riding the bike seriously. The rims and the tires are also not very tough and might have to be upgraded. The bike does not ship assembled and in case you have not assembled a bike before, the assembly might be a bit tricky. In case you do not feel confident, have it set up at your local bike store.
Overall, the DK Effect BMX bike looks quite decent. It is a strong bike which offers to you performance and durability coupled with style. Looks of the bike are pretty funky and impressive. The price also seems reasonable even if you take into account the cost of upgrades. This bike has a lot to offer to beginners who want to explore the BMX path as well as to seasoned professionals who are searching for a solid and reliable BMX bike to do tricks with and if you are looking for a strong and power-packed BMX bike within a small budget, you can certainly consider buying this one.

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