DK Dayton BMX red, 20 Inches Free Style

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DK Dayton 20-Inch BMX Freestyle Bike

DK Dayton BMX 20 Inch Freestyle Bike Red Color features frame with hi-ten  that sounds heavy but works just fine, Krayton grips that work flawlessly, rear brake that you can trust, 20 by 2.25 tires that are durable, alloy rims having black spokes. Also, the saddle with the BMX that looks terrific.
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Specifications: It has Hi-ten frame and the unicrown fork. Additionally, it contains the Krayton grips. The rear brake is there and the tires are 20 by 2.25 with alloy rims.
The DK Dayton 20-Inch BMX Freestyle Bike, Red is a class all by itself. It features a high ten frame that is strong and durable. It can suffer bumps and rough roads. The unicrown fork looks promising and cannot be easily damaged (or go rigid). The rear brakes are more than they seem. The precision of their working is really appreciable. The Krayton grips look, feel and work beautifully. They’re not slippery or too soft.  The 20 x 2.25 tires are always replaceable but it would be rarely for such a moment to arise, because the rubber quality the DK Dayton has to offer is quiet satisfying. The alloy rims and the black spokes look dashing on the road (May it be concrete or dirt). Along with that the alloy offers a very strong building and cannot be easily bent. The black spokes add extra originality and class to the appearance. The saddle is just right and can be adjusted easily according to requirement, so it can be used by more than just one person if needed. Light, fast and agile, this bike delivers a power-packed performance and has all it takes to be a high-performance road bike.
The fact that it is shipped unassembled , sounds a little troublesome but with a little help from the local bike shop, your dad or yourself ( if you’ve already assembled a bike before) it shouldn’t be a big problem. The price of this bike is extremely reasonable if all the features and the high end performance are kept in mind, as it offers to you a complete package of durability, performance and speed. Another advantage is that the parts for this bike could be easy found in almost every shop, in the unlikely event something breaks and needs replacing.

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