DK Bicycle Elite Junior (20-inch) 2014 Edition

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DK Bicycle 2014 Elite Junior BMX Bike

DK Elite Junior is a top-notch BMX bike which offers to you a complete package of endurance, strength, performance and style. This bike comes with a 7005 alloy frame with an 18.25-inch top tube. The frame of this bicycle is strong enough to handle anything you throw at it and comes back asking for more. The unique design of the bike facilitates stunts as well as off-road riding. The 5-inch alloy handlebar of this bike comes with a welded X-bar and the ride position it offers is extremely comfortable. The bike is extremely light and handles pretty easily. The Promax Linear brakes of this bike have ample braking force on offer and allow greater control and precision while braking. 155 millimetre alloy crank of this bike is quite strong and durable and makes sure optimal power transfer. Sun Assult double walled rims which ship with the bicycle are extremely tough and can handle high pressures with ease. The killer looks of the bicycle coupled with the slick design increase your style quotient significantly. This bike is for intermediate riders as well as professionals who are looking for a solid, reliable and top-quality bicycle to hit the parks. The price of this bike is extremely value driven and if you take into consideration the components used to construct the bicycle coupled with the performance it delivers, you will see straight away that it is quite a bargain.
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The DK Elite Junior 2014 comes equipped with
7005 Alloy Frameset with Integrated Headset and 3-D Drop outs; 14 Tooth Cassette Freewheel; Box X Carbon Fork; KMC K-810 Chain (3/32, Silver); Promax V Point Short Brake Lever with Lock; Promax Linear Brake with Green Air Flow Pads; 155 millimetre Alloy Crankset; 5-inch Alloy Handlebar with Welded X Bar; Alloy Sealed Front Hub with Female Axle; Alloy Sealed Cassette Rear Hub with Female Axle; Sun Assult Double Walled Alloy Rims (28H); Box Echelon Small Saddle; CNC Alloy Stem (30 millimetre); Maxis DTH  20 X 1-1/8 Tires.
DK Bicycle Elite Junior 2013 Edition looks pretty impressive in its all black look. This bike is aimed at experienced BMX riders who are looking for a solid and reliable bike to take their riding to the next level. The frame material of this bike is 7005 alloy which makes it quite strong as well as durable. This model is extremely light and as a result, handling the bike is quite easy.
This bike does not ship fully assembled and assembly can be a bit tricky in case you have not assembled a bike. If you do not feel confident, it is best to have it assembled at your local bike shop.  The pedals are the only downside of this bike as they are quite frail. You might want to replace those with a better set before you start to ride it.
Overall, the DK Elite Junior 2014 looks quite strong as a BMX bike. It delivers a power packed performance and has the strength and endurance levels to handle the poundings in the park. The price tag associated with this bike seems quite right considering the performance it delivers. The DK Elite Junior is a quality BMX bike which has all the things you typically look for in a BMX bicycle and if you have been searching for a top-notch BMX bike which can make the difference for you, this one can be a good choice.

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