Diamondback Mini Viper Complete Box Bike

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The Diamondback Mini Viper Complete Box Bike is a very tough and versatile bike for kids, and very suitable for training them how to ride. It features a strong frame fabricated from a steel material sheet of high tensile strength and a coaster brake which aids easy learning. The wheels of this bike are just sixteen inches, perfect for little kids.

With the Diamondback Mini Viper Complete Box Bike, you can be rest assured that the teaching phase of bike riding will be fun and safe as this bike is designed for high standards of safety.

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The Diamondback Mini Viper Complete Box Bike comes with the following features:

  • The frame is manufactured from a tough and durable steel material and the suspension fork is designed to handle bumps and rough terrain with ease without compromising comfort.
  • Utilizes a drive train with a single speed configuration in addition to a chain guard with protective features to allow for low and easy maintenance and simplicity.
  • Coaster brakes employed at the rear to make the learning process easier and faster with emphasis on management of speed and finesse in control and balance; the kids just need to backpedal for the brakes to be engaged.
  • Rolls on sixteen inch wheel which is fitted with a Comp III, all-terrain tires for versatile performance both off and on the road.
  • Boxed and bundled with this bike are sets of additional training wheels which are heavy duty and removable, to assist in better learning of the principles of balance in a practical and fun way.


The Diamondback Mini Viper Complete Box Bike comes packaged with some accessories for training which is very handy for giving your kids the best in terms of practical bike riding with emphasis on safety, control and balance.

Assembling the whole unit is very easy as the instructions are well detailed and logical. The tools needed for setting it up comes included with the bike so everything can be done within minutes.

The bike is solid and tough, tires are very appropriate, size wise, as they are thick enough to allow for balance with good rolling on any surface type. Before the brakes can be used, you must back pedal to engage the mechanism thus making it easier to master than the complex systems.

This bike is the perfect training bike for kids as all the components and kits needed for a complete training session are utilized and it is definitely worth buying.

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