YBIKE Balance Bike

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The YBIKE Balance Bike is a very tough and sturdy product designed to teach kids how to ride. It is perfect for kids in the age bracket of three years as it is engineered to assist them learn the basics skills, coordination and balance that are needed to ride a bike.

The YBIKE is utilizes a durable frame designed to last long together with a structure that was crafted using the injection-moulding technique that takes care of weak spots and provides a flexible design that is characterized by curves that are smooth and sleek together with an excellent finish. The orientation of the bike leans towards safety to ensure your kids are not exposed to injury risk when learning.

The wheel at the front is positioned to be at its most forward position to provide an allowance for a larger circle for turning which makes it less likely for the kids to fall when turning. The back wheels allows for an easy and firm balance while turning and leaning from side to side and they almost cover that seat at the back ensuring the kids don’t ride over their feet. The wheels of this bike are large and the ground clearance is high to allow the kids safely ride on any type of terrain whether its grass, sand or even pavement. It is recommended for kids to spend twenty to thirty minutes on this bike as results have proved that it helps in improving their dynamic and static balance together with a better bilateral coordination.

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The YBIKE Balance Bike comes with the following features:

  • Made from plastic material that offers superb strength and yet lightweight.
  • Designed for high impact with its durable components and parts.
  • Incorporates two wheels at the rear for a more stable ride.
  • Built with a ground clearance that is high enough to allow for safety when biking over obstacles that are big.
  • Uses wheels that are very big to allow for better balance when turning.


This sleek bike is very easy to assemble and the design is simply awesome. It is built really well and the paint scheme is solid making the bike look classy and mature. It rides nice, has a very stable balance, easy to control for a toddler and fun to ride.

The tires rolls well on any type of terrain surface as the front wheel is big to allow for tight turns. However, the seat height does not come adjustable and this means at a point sooner, your kid will outgrow it.

Overall, it’s a very safe bike for teaching toddlers the basics in riding and you won’t be making a mistake if you opt for the YBIKE Balance Bike.

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