Tony Hawk Boy’s Catfish Bike, White/Gold, 20-Inch

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The Tony Hawk Catfish Bike for Boys features an impressive twenty inch wheel that rides well and nice. It comes with both rear and front pegs for freestyling, with a fantastic paint job that features stylish and sleek graphics for Tony Hawk. It also employs the SST rotor system, a front and rear brakes together with a high quality alloy rim for better stability and control without compromising comfort. The seat is well padded and offers comfort on long rides and features a quick release mechanism that is useful for adjusting the height of the seat post in order to accommodate bikers of different height.

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The Tony Hawk Catfish Bike for Boys comes with the following features:

  • Sports a deluxe paint scheme job with nice graphics.
  • Frame designed from high quality steel for better support and ruggedness.
  • The bike is fitted with both rear and front brakes made by Prmoax from alloy materials, and these functions allow for an efficient braking force.
  • The paint scheme is very nice looking and is pleasing to the eyes.
  • Height adjustment possible via a quick release mechanism for the seat that is easy to operate.


The Tony Hawk Catfish Bike for Boys comes pre-assembled and putting things together is easy except for the brakes which require prior knowledge. If you are facing difficulty with setting things up, you can either download YouTube video that shows the steps or alternatively take it to a bike shop where you can also have it tuned for better functioning.

The price tag on this bike is very ok for the features it offers decent performance that will ensure you ride in safety and comfort. The frame is strong enough and lightweight while the brakes do a good job to offer super braking properties.

Generally, this bike is not really top notch, but for the purpose it was built for, it serves well and delivers value for money- worth buying for a kid who is just getting started with biking.

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