TONY HAWK BMX 20 Inch Subculture Bike

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TONY HAWK BMX 20 Inch Subculture Bike

The TONY HAWK BMX 20 Inch Subculture Bike is a first level street bicycle which is on the road to sputter the streets with its lightening quick pace and smooth looks. This bicycle comes furnished with a solid however light aluminum outline and BMX series fork which give simply the right level of solidness. The ride comfort offered by this bicycle is amazingly smooth and the ride posture offered is greatly agreeable. The alloy seat clamp makes it easy to adjust the seat and at the same time makes it light weight. The PROMAX alloy lever of this bike guarantees first rate execution coupled with velocity and suppleness. The ORYG rotor of this bike is sufficient for taking care of any kind of territory without any difficulty and elegance. Coaster brake arrangement offer adequate braking compel and give exact braking. High steadiness and control is guaranteed by alloy rims and front and rear pegs. This bicycle offers to you a complete bundle of pace, execution and strength at an unimaginable low cost and it conveys a definitive quality for your cash.

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TONY HAWK BMX 20 Inch Subculture Bike comes with a BMX Frame having a Rotor made of ORYG. The brakes are of Coaster variety. The brakes that are at front and rear of the bicycle is of Promax. The levers that are in this bicycle are of Promax alloy. The rims and the pegs present in the front and back is also of alloy. The seat clamp likewise is also made from alloy for making it light weight.
The bike is really liked by all as it got some extra ordinary components featured. The seat height is adjustable so as the person who brought the bike gets taller the height can be adjusted. However, normally the bike comes in a box and you have to assemble it but there are options where it can be assembled in the store itself though it takes a few hours. The style of the bike fits every personality and it looks great in original than in the picture that you can see. The color availability of the bike is also very imaginative making it loved one for all. The other feature that makes it stand out of the rest is its durability, great and sporty look and the great quality that it offers.
Performance wise the bike excels all. The ride comfort and quality is so smooth that you cannot feel the terrain that the bike is going through. Comparing the price of the bike with its quality is another huge advantage and a must have, if you really love riding!

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