Tony Hawk 720 Bike for Boys

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The Tony Hawk 720 Bike for Boys is a twenty four inch wheel bicycle that takes on the streets, parks and trails with some dazzling features. It is equipped with U-brakes for the rear and front wheels and a sturdy frame made from steel for a stable and firm system of support while sporting some funky graphics. The seat features a quick release mechanism which allows for simple and fast vertical adjustments for tall bikers. This awesome bike is designed for intermediate bikers, who are now excited with the thrills of biking, as it does not come with wheels for training.

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The Tony Hawk 720 Bike for Boys comes with the following features:

  • A sleek and nice deluxe paint scheme
  • Sturdy frame made from steel material for that extra toughness.
  • Promax manufactured rear and front brakes that deliver excellent stopping force.
  • Easy height adjustment via a quick release mechanism which is very simple to operate.
  • A very sleek and stylish paint scheme for nice aesthetics.


The Tony Hawk 720 Bike for Boys ships almost fully assembled and just need to install the seat, front tire and handlebar. The wheel should be installed with extra caution as they do not fit easily on the axle, thus forcing it on can cause the paint on the bicycle to chip off. The seat also should be tightened with the right Allen tool in order not to chaff the treading.

This bike is not really flexible and versatile to be used for stunts and tricks because it’s a bit bulky, however, it performs excellently as a road bike and for cruising. The wheel size also makes it too big for any hard core moves as it can easily pass for a mountain bike. Its perfect substitute for a cruiser and every component are built to last as they deliver superb performance.

Generally, this is an intermediate bike that offers boys with little experience on exposure to real biking experience. It offers a decent value for it features and definitely worth considering.

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