TITAN Tomcat BMX Freestyle Bicycle for Boys

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The TITAN Tomcat BMX Freestyle Bicycle for Boys is a very rugged machine that is designed with a heavy duty frame that is made from a high tensile steel material to offer a very tough and sturdy support structure. It features a twenty inches wheel that has thirty six spoke together with a rim and hub that has twenty eight holes and plated with chrome for strength and beauty. The braking system utilizes a calliper braking system for the front while the rear is equipped with a coaster braking system that provides sufficient stopping power. The TITAN Tomcat BMX Freestyle Bicycle is designed to be suitable for kids within the age range of seven to twelve years.

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The TITAN Tomcat BMX Freestyle Bicycle for Boys comes with the following features:

  • This bike is built to accommodate the riding need of young boys.
  • The frame is machined from a high tensile steel frame that is heavy duty to provide a tough structure.
  • Front wheel utilizes calliper brakes while the coaster brake is used for the rear, working in conjunction to provide an efficient braking force.
  • Wheels come with thirty six spoke with twenty eight holes and are sized at twenty inches, together with hubs and rims that are plated with chrome material.


The TITAN Tomcat BMX Freestyle Bicycle for Boys is a very solid machine that is designed to meet the riding needs of kid bikers. They are a bit heavy, very sturdy and the price is not too steep.

It ships partially assembled and if you have prior knowledge with bike assembly, setting up will be pretty easy, else you can download assembly videos on YouTube if you are a DIYer.  What is needed in actually fact is just to fix the seat, handlebar, and fix the pedals. You can save some money for the trip to the bike repair shop.

The braking system is very efficient while the wheel offers superb traction and better rolling.

This bike comes recommended to kids who are enthusiastic about freestyling and who have a flair for stunts and this bike will meet their adventurous needs plus the price is very affordable.

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