Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike, Pink, 16-Inch

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With a pink and white get up, the Titan Girl’s Flower Princess is the best option for young girls who are just about to step into the biking world. Learning to balance on this bike is not a tough task because the rider is supported by reinforced training wheels which provide balance while letting the rider gain speed. Since this is close to a girl’s heart, the doll seat and back basket only serve to enhance the visual appeal of the bike which is also painted in delicate hues.

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The handle bars are cushioned which gives extra comfort while gripping. The streamers that fly in the air as the bike criss crosses through streets gives it a juvenile, girlish charm. Primarily designed for girls between 3 and 5 years of age, the Flower Princess gives itself a cool, fairy tale-ish charm by virtue of the eclectic use of colours. This bike serves as a good ride as the sturdy tires give it crucial balance and safety.

This bike grows with its little owners because it has an adjustable seat length. The initial fumbling for balance is well provided for by the training wheels which are made of sturdy 16 inch tube tyres with spoke wheels. The Flower Princess appeals to little girls because of its clever colour scheme. Also the cuteness factor increased by fitting it with Purple and Pink Bike basket makes it a dream machine for them. the basket is versatile in nature and wide enough to carry a variety of items.

A clever addition to the Flower Princess was the doll seat which has many uses. Little girls won’t have to ride alone anymore as they can easily fit in their teddy bears, dolls and action figures in this compact yet comfortable space. Though this is a minor detail of the bike’s design, many buyers flip for it as it serves as an accompaniment and who doesn’t know that little girls like to tote their doll friends with them wherever they go.

Colours appeal to young ladies and the Flower Princess surely has more than its fair share of colours. Not just that it also has decorative stickers. The purple tires give it an endearing quality. The white chain guard, added thoughtfully to avoid clothes from getting attached to the chain, thereby causing accidents. To add to the girly charm of the bike, the designers have also added stickers of decorations, fun characters and dolls. Continuing with this trend, the crank too has been designed like a flower.

Everything added to the design of the Flower Princess looks at everything from basic safety, to weight of the bike and visual appeal. In the safety department, the makers have added training wheels to see that the rider doesn’t fall as they learn to balance. Once the balance is in place, the training wheels can be taken off and this feature is further enhanced with the presence of inflatable 16 inch wheels. Wheel reflectors also add safety. From all angles, the Flower Princess is a good buy for little girls who are just learning to ride.

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