Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike, Pink, 16-Inch

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The nattily coloured Girl’s Flower Power Princess BMX bike is a smart investment. It’s a 16 inch girl bike that includes a doll seat, basket, streamers and training wheels. This, and its contemporary, the Girl’s Flower Princess Bike are the only two in the market that have a doll seat. Ever since it was launched a short while ago, kids have been going ballistic about it because of attractive little details along with its attractive colouring. The multi coloured frame, for example, is the first thing that draws and glues eyes on it. The practical design makes it an apt bike for girls who want to ride it off road or in the park.

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Most people are completely delighted with this bike because it is sturdy and is a safe ride for kids. The safety first design, along with the attractive look makes this a perfect product. The makers have done a good and successful job in crafting this masterpiece. It has a multi coloured BMX frame adorned with a blue base and bright green stem and handlebars. The streamers coming out of the handle bars give it a complete girly look which makes it an instant hit with the ladies. The seat too is designed in many hues and the attached doll seat makes it, if possible, even more vibrant. To add to the bike’s vibrancy, the orange basket for kids to keep their stuff in also does a good job. The tires too reflect the same brightness in green and are rimmed in orange.

The bike has a sturdily decent build for kids’ bike. While children won’t subject it wear and tear, the makers have given it a strong frame and PVC pedals. To make matters easy, this lovely piece is 85% pre assembled, and the remaining 15% is very easy to do. The bike also benefits from 16 inch wheels which provide extra comfort and balance for those riding the bike. Brackets and handle bars have been included to provide extra safety for the kids. Wondering how much such a novel product could cost? Unbelievable but true is the fact that this bike is priced decently and there are very few bikes in the market that can provide such great quality at such a low cost.

The bike has been built with all sorts of customization in mind. The dimensions, coupled with adjustable seat height make it ideal for kids who are used to riding bikes as well as those that are just starting off. Children will be mostly delighted with this bike because of its ride ability and bursting colours. Everything from the seat to grips to brackets of training wheels has been crafted keeping mind the safety factor which is a must have in bikes designed for kids.

The doll seat which is included makes this one stand out from the crowd because it is innovatively designed to add to the charm of a girly bike. Instead of letting parents do the rounds of the market for an extra seat their kid could carry their dolls or other stuff in, the manufacturers had the foresight to add this to the bike. Making a difference to the bicycle riding experience, the Flower Power bike has been a prominent figure in the kids’ bike section.

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