Thruster Chaos BMX Bike for Boys

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The Thruster Chaos BMX Bike for Boys is twenty inch wheeler designed for boys that comes with features that will keep them excited and bike in a fun way. The frame is constructed from a sturdy and high quality steel frame that has been gusseted, together with suspension fork that is also made from steel and functions well to take on bumps. The pedals are made from plastic materials while the gearing is in a single speed configuration. The braking system is of the dual calliper type which provides adequate force for stopping the bicycle. The bike is designed to accommodate kids that weigh up to one hundred pounds.

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The Thruster Chaos BMX Bike for Boys comes with the following features:

  • The handlebar is designed in a freestyle manner making it sleek and stylish.
  • The suspension fork and frame is manufactured from a steel material that is gusseted which provides a very tough, yet lightweight structure.
  • The gearing system utilizes a single speed configuration that allows for easy gear shifting.
  • The seat utilizes a quick release mechanism that allows for easy adjustment of the seat to suit varying heights.


The Thruster Chaos BMX Bike for Boys is a very tough bike built and designed for boys with the spirit of adventure. It comes partially assembled and you will need to take it to your local bike shop for proper assembly and tuning before you can begin to use it.

The handlebar is funky and sports a stylish design that looks like freestyle bike while the suspension fork rides well. For a twenty inches wheeler, this is big for kids and it offers superior rolling properties that move well with better traction on any surface.

All other components work well together from the gearing to the braking system to provide a bike that delivers excellent features with emphasis on comfort and safety.

For a decent bicycle with quality features, this bike model comes recommended.

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