The Bounce Freak Mini BMX

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Bounce Freak Mini BMX bikeThe Bounce Freak Mini BMX bike is another mini BMX bike by the Bounce BMX. This bike comes with a 10-inch  hi-tensile steel frame  What separates it from other BMX bikes is its unique design and its signature look. Although small in stature, this bike not meant only for kids. In fact, this bike is suitable for riders from all age groups. The bike is quite strong and light and as a result, it is extremely easy to handle the bicycle. The 10-inch oversized tires of this bike are extremely tough and can handle any kind of surface with ease. The 28/9 gearing system is appropriate for building up speed pretty quickly and makes sure the bike is extremely responsive. The Bounce Freak Mini offers to you a complete package of strength, style, power and endurance and if you are looking for something a BMX bike which is completely different from the lot and offers you a thrilling ride experience, this one can be the perfect choice.
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The Bounce Freak Mini BMX Bike by Bounce BMX comes with
Hi-tensile Frame(10-inch) which makes the bike quite strong and durable; Quality ½ x 1/8 Chrome KMC Chain which ensures smooth functioning; 28/9 Gearing for quickly scooting around the skate parks or the streets; Topload Alloy Lightweight Top Load Stem which has been designed to handle pressure;10-inch Oversized Tires which are tough enough to handle the abuses you put them through; Freestyle Rubber BMX Grips; Light Weight Plastic BMX Pedals; 10-inch x 28-inch Super Strong Hi-Tensile Steel Bars.
Bounce BMX is a relatively new brand in the BMX arena. The company started its journey in 2012 and offer a small number of mini BMX bikes. The Freak Mini BMX is an entry from their unique and fascinating collection. The mini bikes offered by Bounce look completely different and has their own signature style. At first glance, the Freak might seem like a bike meant for kids. However, this bike is meant for riders from any age group.
The bike comes with hi-tensile steel frame which gives it the strength to handle the abuses in the park. The colour scheme used in this bicycle is fantastic and the bike looks quite vibrant and energetic. The one uses a 28/9 gearing system and comes with a light weight alloy top load stem. The 10-inch over sized tires are quite tough and durable.
The Freak by Bounce BMX looks completely different from the typical BMX bike that you come across quite often. Freak has its own signature style and enables you to perform some cool, slick and unique looking stunts. The performance delivered by this bike is quite satisfactory. The components which have been used to construct the bike do not compromise with quality and as a result, this bike is extremely string and durable. The price point at which this bicycle is being offered seems quite reasonable and if you are ready to try something different, you can certainly go for this one.

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