Sport Protective Gear Safety Pad for Bike

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The Sport Protective Gear Safety Pad for Bike is a durable product that features the innovative EG-TECH designs which offers quality products. The protective gear that comes bundled with this product includes the elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards. The pads are made with high quality materials that offer superb comfort and safety. They are also tailored with a soft and durable EVA material that is toughened with plastic plates for extra protection. The size can be adjusted for better fitting and it’s suitable for usage on any type of bike and other hard-core sports.

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The Sport Protective Gear Safety Pad for Bike comes with the following features:

  • Designed in a sleek and comfortable manner that is suitable for adults.
  • Suitable for skating, scooters and riding bicycles or any other hard core sports.
  • It is tailored from an EVA material that is very soft and durable, and it is also toughened with plates made from plastic for added ruggedness.
  • Comes with multiple elastic straps that are adjustable and they employ closures made from Velcro material for better fitting.


The Sport Protective Gear Safety Pad for Bike offers a nice collection of various kits that provides protective features to the knees, elbows and wrist. The materials they are manufactured from are very durable and comfortable. They come in perfect sizes to suit any size for flexibility. The price tag on all the gears is very cheap as compared to getting them individually and the EG-TECH innovative design offers a high quality product that delivers optimum performance. These gears will give you the confidence to enjoy your ride whether on the trails or street and they don’t interfere with the operation of other components of the bike. For added protection, the Sport Protective Gear Safety Pad for Bike is recommended to safety conscious bikers.

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