Shaun White Grom Series Mini Fun Box

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The Shaun White Grom Series Mini Fun Box provides a platform for unlimited air and shredding for kids. It is designed specially to be compatible with bicycles, scooters and skateboards. It is constructed from a material that has hi-impact characteristics and it comes with a surface that is textured to allow for better traction. It also comes with a support for big air via a ‘kicker’ radius mechanism and the base is very sturdy and is not slippery.

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The Shaun White Grom Series Mini Fun Box comes with the following features:

  • Comes with a four way ramp that has a sturdy base with non-slippery surfaces.
  • The ramps are very simple to assemble together and disassemble.
  • It provides an excellent platform to practice stunts and tricks.
  • Compatible for use with bicycles, scooter or skateboards.
  • Designed with the innovative Shaun White technology with the use of a high impact material with textured surface for improved traction and a kicker radius.


The Shaun White Grom Series Mini Fun Box is a versatile and strong platform that allows you to practice freestyle moves. It attaches easily together and can be detached with ease and each of the sections of the ramp mated together.  Though not as high as expected, however the ramps do a pretty good job to provide a fun and safe platform with a firm base and the surfaces are well textured and this prevents accidental slipping. The ramps can be taken apart and individually used to perform jumps and other tricks. You have to ensure that all four sides are attached when the middle ramp is part of your set up if not the ramp may turn over into the middle.

This ramp collection offers a good beginner product for young bikers or skaters as they can easily take the weight. This ramp will not accommodate the weight of much older young bikers as it’s a bit small and flimsy for that age range.

In all, this ramp is great for the appropriate age range and it’s really worth its price for the features it offers.

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