S-ONE Lifer Multiple Impact Helmet

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The S-ONE Lifer Multiple Impact Helmet is a very versatile and durable helmet that can withstand any impact. It incorporates a design that allows for better fitting while incorporating safety features that makes it really tough. The inside is padded with a foam liner that makes it very comfortable to wear plus it’s lightweight. The helmet incorporates cooling vents that make air flow distribution in the head very seamless and efficient.

It can be utilized for biking as well as skating and other sports where protection to the head is desired. The design and safety features have been certified by two major certification board giving you the assurance that this product has been designed to meet the required standards.

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The S-ONE Lifer Multiple Impact Helmet comes with the following features:

  • Features an outer shell designed to take hard impacts together with an EPS foam material on the inside for a very fitting and comfortable wear.
  • Utilizes a design that ensures the helmet fits low, deep and nice on the head for better protection coverage.
  • Helmet is lightweight and won’t make your head feel heavy.
  • It is certified for protection against multiple impacts, single impacts that are high, and conforms to the European Bike and skate regulatory bodies


The S-ONE Lifer Multiple Impact Helmet is a very strong helmet that sits well and deep on the head and offers an excellent protection against falls. The straps are well adjusted to allow for a customized fit without exerting unnecessary pressure on the head. The color scheme looks great and the vents ensure a proper cooling on hot days. The construction material is tough and looks like it will last really long with frequent usage while the paddings provide a secure and comfortable fit plus it can be utilized for a lot of sports aside biking where you need a very good headgear that will protect your head from accidental injuries. Generally, this helmet offers everything you need for your protection and is worth investing in.

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