Reaper BMX (20’’) by Eastern Bikes

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Eastern Bikes Reaper BMX Bike (20-Inch)

The Reaper BMX by Diamondback is a solid and reliable BMX bike which offers to you strength, reliability, style and performance. This bike comes with a 4130 CroMo frame which is extremely tough and can handle any kind of abuse.  The Eastern Reaper fork of this bike is made from the same material as its frame and has the strength and endurance levels to take on the hardest of falls. Tektro forged alloy U brakes of this bike offer ample braking force and ensures responsive braking. Eastern Riblet grips are quite soft and comfortable and makes sure you feel comfy even when you are pressing hard on the handlebar. Alienation 440 alloy 36-H rims are extremely tough and can handle anything you throw at them. The Eastern Throttle tires of this bike offer superior grip and work equally well in wet and slippery conditions. The Reaper is your ultimate companion off the road and if you are looking for a quality BMX bike for hitting the gravel, you will not find many better bikes than the Eastern Bikes’ Reaper BMX in this price range.
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The Reaper BMX by Diamondback comes with
Full 4130 Chromoly Frame which offers strength coupled with durability; Helix Downtube; Sealed Front and Rear Hubs which come with the promise of strength and endurance; Allloy Double Walled Rims which are strong enough to handle the toughest of conditions; Eastern 4130 Full Chromoly Fork which is quite adept at handling the hits and bumps off the road; 1 pc. CNC’d Steerer Tube; Machine Bearing Race; Tapered Legs; Hangfree Dropout Design; Eastern Tribe 3-pc Chromoly Tubular Cranks (48 spline) with Nomad Style Concave Arms.
The Reaper by Eastern Bike is a BMX bicycle which is more suitable for off-road biking rather than hitting the skate parks. This bike comes with CroMo frame which makes it quite strong as well as durable. Weighing at around 25 pounds, this bike is quite light and easy to handle. The fork of the bike is also made of the same material as its frame and it is quite adept at handling the undulated surfaces.
The saddle of the bike is pretty poor and if you are planning to ride it seriously, you must have it upgraded. The tires have a tendency to lose air pretty quickly. The pedals which ship with the bike are pretty cheap and low end. This bike comes with a convertible free-coaster hub which can be also converted to a cassette hub in case you feel the need.
The Reaper BMX by Eastern Bikes puts up a strong display of power, endurance and performance. The bike is quite strong and has what it takes to handle even the toughest of the surfaces. Riding this bike is immense fun and the looks of the bike are pretty slick and cool. The price point at which it is being offered sounds reasonable even after considering the cost of upgrades and if you are looking for quality BMX bike to take on the gravel, this one can be a good choice.

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