Razor Kobra Bicycle for Boys

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The Razor Kobra Bicycle for Boys is a freestyling bike suitable for youngsters as it provides a safe and tough frame fabricated from high tensile steel together with a suspension fork that absorbs impact with ease.  The brakes are made from alloy and operated by a side pull mechanism, and the seat is well cushioned to offer superb comfort and security during rides.  The bike rolls on an eighteen inch wheels which offers adequate support for teens who are not ready to take the leap to twenty inches wheelers, yet want to utilize other powerful features available on such bikes such as the hand brake which offers sure-stopping features, rear and front braking systems, handlebars that are styled with the motocross design, freestyle pegs at the front and a thirty six spoke wheel.

Take this bike and hit the roads to enjoy a feature packed biking experience and feel like a pro.

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The Razor Kobra Bicycle for Boys comes with the following features:

  • The frame is manufactured from a reinforced steel material that can take the rigors of biking in challenging environment.
  • The braking system employs the calliper brake positioned at the front for a smooth and seamless stopping force.
  • Utilizes a crank made from a single piece material that has been forged for added durability.
  • Well-padded jumper seat to allow for comfort during rides.


The Razor Kobra Bicycle for Boys is a very basic bike that comes with features expected for a normal entry level product. The design is modern and structured to meet the demands of young riders looking to learn the intricacies involved in biking as they offer a step ahead of training bikes.

The frame is solid and it rides well while the fork offers decent impact resistance properties. The pedals are a bit slippery while the handlebar is not top notch, but nonetheless it features a reflector that comes handy.

This bike can do some decent stunts and tricks as its not bulky plus the wheels, sized at eighteen inches, can take some light twists and spins.

The Razor Kobra Bicycle for Boys is a nice bike for those looking to take their game to the next leap after learning with trainer wheels. It is affordable and delivers value that equates the price tag.

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