NiteFx Ride Lights

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NiteFx Ride Lights

The NiteFx Ride Lights is a very sleek and stylish product that provides lighting for scooters, bikes and skateboards. The design is so modern, with an enhanced safety effect. The installation of this product is fast and easy and it creates a steady or pulsating glow of light that dazzles. This effect is simply jaw dropping and amazing. This light has features that combines style with safety and comes in two light mode settings of power pulse and steady glow. It also allows for visibility in low weather conditions. With this product, you safety is guaranteed as it comes with a kit of two LED strips that are self-adhesive, a housing for the battery and an adapter for the post mount.

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The NiteFx Ride Lights comes with the following features:

  • This light is compatible for use with bikes, scooters and skateboards.
  • Comes in two light modes of power pulse and steady glow.
  • This product is very easy to install on your machine and comes with self-adhesive strips which are two in number together with housing for the battery.
  • Uses a LED light that is very efficient as it uses just nine volts battery.


The NiteFx Ride Lights is a very stylish and beautiful product that attaches easily to bikes. It offers enough visibility as the light pulsates depending on the mode setting to attract attention easily.

One minor issue is the self-adhesive element material as it tends to come off due to the battery pack which weighs down on it, but this can be remedied by applying a little amount of epoxy to hold it tight.

Aside from attaching to bikes, this light is also compatible with skateboards and scooters making it a very versatile product.

If you need to improve your safety and visibility in poor light conditions or you just want to add a sleek light aesthetics to your bike, the NiteFx Ride Lights comes highly recommended as it beauty touch effect is second to none.

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