Moto 12″ Child’s BMX Bike-Yamaha-WMA-111201

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The Moto Child’s BMX Bike-Yamaha-WMA-111201 is designed to look like a mini pro bicycle that has every safety feature you could ever want.  It comes with wheels for training to ensure a safe ride while the frame is fabricated from a high quality steel material to provide for additional stability. It utilizes coaster brakes to make sure adequate braking force is provided and the pedals come designed with plastic. The bike features a modern design with a rugged look and smooth feel. It will make your kids feel like a pro while having fun outdoors.

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The Moto Child’s BMX Bike-Yamaha-WMA-111201 comes with the following features:

  • Comes with very innovative and modern design with graphics and fenders in stylish and sleek manner.
  • It utilizes a simple to use coaster brakes that ensures enough stopping power is provided for quick and coordinated braking.
  • The seat is designed to be well padded to allow for comfort on long rides.
  • The rims are made to be durable as they feature a sixteen spoke wheel for added strength.
  • The tires are made knobbed to offer superb rolling and better traction.


The Moto Child’s BMX Bike-Yamaha-WMA-111201 is a fairly decent product that rides and handles well. It comes pre-assembled but there are minor adjustments and tuning that needs to be done to ensure that it functions properly. The included manual can be of great guide for whatever technical assistance you might need.

The rims and wheels are well sized to accommodate the average kid but unfortunately, the seat height does not come adjustable so you have to take note before ordering one.

The coaster brakes functions well while the various components works together to ensure that this bike delivers excellent performance.

Overall, this bike offers decent protective features that make it worth considering for your kids.

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