Mongoose Scan R40 Freestyle Bike for Boys

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The Mongoose Scan R40 Freestyle Bike for Boys is not designed to be bulky and heavy as the frame and fork is made from an alloy material that offers a high strength to weight ratio. The wheels are made from black alloy material and come with thirty six spokes. The stem utilizes a four bolt system, the braking systems employed at the front are the callipers operated type while the rear utilizes the U-brakes. The cranks, which come in three piece is colour matched with the alloy pedals for a sleek look the gearing unit features a 25/9 micro drive together with four pegs for the axle to allow for freestyling.

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The Mongoose Scan R40 Freestyle Bike for Boys comes with the following features:

  • Suspension fork and frame designed to be lightweight and tough to allow for more durability and flexibility.
  • A thirty six spoke wheel made from black alloy material for added durability.
  • Efficient braking system at the front and rear to ensure the right braking force is deployed when the brakes are operated.
  • A three piece crank with a firm pedal made from alloy material.
  • The gearing system uses a cassette of 25/9 for easy and fast gear operations.


The Mongoose Scan R40 Freestyle Bike for Boys is a very rugged bicycle that delivers performance packed features junior boys will cherish. The bike is shipped almost fully assembled except the core components like the pedals, seat, front tire, brakes and handlebars which is very easy to fix if you follow the instructions that comes with it. You might experience some difficulty in the adjustment of the brakes, but with patience and detailed attention, it can be done.

This bike rides nice and moves real fast and easy on different terrain types and the lever for the handbrakes are easier to reach while they perform a great job. Though a bit heavy, it still offers enough strength for flexibility and control while ensuring a stable balance is maintained during rides.

This is definitely a recommended bike for juniors who want to practice grills and stunts with a safe and reliable bike.

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