Mongoose Scan Bicycle for Boys

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The Mongoose Scan Bicycle for Boys is a very tough and resilient beginner’s bike that functions well for doing freestyles and other tricks. The frame and suspension fork are fabricated from an alloy material for lightweight. It also comes with a two piece handlebar, front operated brakes made from alloy callipers and a rear U-brakes for efficient braking force. A forty eight spoke wheel, stem with four bolts and axle pegs which are four in number all work together with a single speed gearing system to provide this sweet machine the capability for stunts whether at the park, on dirt trails or even in the street.

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The Giro 2015 Carbide Mountain Bike Shoes for Men comes with the following features:
Designed with a fork and frame that is resilient and lightweight provide a lightweight, yet tough and resilient system.
Comes with an eighteen inch alloy wheels which offers better controllability and low rolling resistance.
U-brakes employed at the rear working in conjunction with a front alloy callipers braking system to provide a controlled and efficient stopping force.
Utilizes an alloyed four bolt system together with a two piece handlebar.
Four high quality pegs for practicing tricks and grinds with ease.
The Mongoose Scan Bicycle for Boys is a pretty sleek and tough looking machine that rides and responds well. The assembly instruction for this bike is complicated as the manual contains general information for all types, so a visit to the bike shop will be needed to get it set up, tuned and functioning properly.
One of the cables for the brakes is a bit short and you may needed to replace it, and the tubes are not too strong so care must be taken when using it. It’s better to replace or ask your bike mechanic for options.
Generally the frame and all other components work fine and respond to input. The pegs are well suited for freestyling moves and stunts which it handles perfectly. Whatever part you don’t like about this bike can be replaced with a better one for a better experience.
All in all, for the price tag, this bike offers junior boys the freedom to express their freestyle skills without having to worry about breaking the bank.

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