Mongoose Mode 180 Freestyle BMX Bike

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The Mongoose Mode 180 Freestyle BMX Bike is a pace setter when it comes to standards and performance in the BMX line of bicycles. It features a 25/9 micro gearing system for an enhanced ground clearance and the frame is fabricated from a steel sheet material offering light weight characteristics.

This bike has been designed to make you do tricks and stunts like the pros do and it comes with a detangler for the brake cable to enable the handle bars spin a full three hundred and sixty degrees. The stem attaches firmly to the bars via a four bolt clamping system and is front loaded for extra ruggedness. Armed with a U-brake at the rear, calliper brakes and comfortable seat, this bike puts you in total control and delivers power packed performance.

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The Mongoose Mode 180 Freestyle BMX Bike comes with the following features:

  • Durable frame made from steel sheet material for toughness, yet light weight.
  • Sports a U-brake at the rear and calliper brakes made from alloy for better and controlled braking force.
  • Incorporates a cable detangler which ensures the handle bars can spin a full three hundred and sixty degrees for that ultimate spin.
  • Utilizes a 25/9 micro gearing system and it comes with a single speed configuration.
  • Uses a massive twenty inches wheels and rims for better traction and low rolling resistance.
  • Features a well-padded seat for comfort and the pedals are of standard design.


The Mongoose Mode 180 Freestyle BMX Bike is a pocket friendly bicycle that combines durability with fun. It ships partially assembled and setting everything up for use is pretty easy. The only complicated aspect is in fixing the brakes but so long as you go with the instructions, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The brand of the bike speaks volume as you are guaranteed with the quality and innovation associated with BMX products.

The bike is well built to handle any stunt you intend to practice with it, whether it’s a jump off, trikes or just casual cruising around town. The handle bar spins perfectly in full circle making those jaw opening moves easy to practice.

If you are on a budget and need a hard-core bike built to take the punishment from stunts and freestyling, then this is the product for you as you will get value for your money.

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