Mongoose Jumping Bike for Boys

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The Mongoose Jumping Bike for Boys is a durable twenty four inches bicycle which comes with a single speed gearing configuration that is well suited for jumping dirt either at home, dirt or trails. The frame is designed with a stand over height that is low and the head tubing is made from a reinforced material and a sturdy suspension fork that rides well on bumps and uneven terrain. It also utilizes a twenty five by nine cassette type gearing, U-brakes for the rear, rims with forty eight alloy spoke, additional tires that are knobbed for stability when dirt jumping and a thread less stem made from alloy materials which makes this bike the perfect choice for jump bikers.

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The Mongoose Jumping Bike for Boys comes with the following features:

  • Incorporates a stand over height that is low together with a twenty four inches frame that has a head tube that is reinforced for durability.
  • A tough suspension fork design to ride on bumps and uneven terrain with relative ease.
  • The rims are solidified by a forty eight spoke wheel configuration.
  • The brake at the rear utilizes the U-brake technique to provide sufficient braking force.
  • Comes with a 25X9 portable cassette type gearing system that allows for seamless control and flexibility.


The Mongoose Jumping Bike for Boys is a very easy to control bike that handles well, rides nice and responds to inputs positively without any lag. The frame is built tough and can withstand the rigours of jumping. The suspension frame is also very tough and handles drops and twists with ease.

The gearing system also ensures very seamless operation that ensures the bike delivers maximum performance on all terrain types. The brakes are very efficient and deliver enough power for quick stops.

This jumping bike is very tough and will take any punch you throw at it. For the free spirited youngster looking for a durable and versatile bike that can handle stunts and freestyles with ease, this product comes recommended and for its price, it deliver excellent value.

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