Mongoose Intake (24-inch) Jump Bicycle

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Mongoose Intake Jump Bicycle

The Mongoose Intake Jump Bicycle is an entry level BMX bike which can be used for off-road riding or hitting the skate parks for doing tricks. This bike is aimed at beginners who want to get started with the BMX path and are looking for a strong and reliable bike to learn new tricks on. This bike comes with a robust steel frame which has the strength to take on the heavy falls and ugly wipe outs in the park. 25 x 9 gearing system of this bike ensures smooth shifting and makes sure the bike can handle the steepest of ramps. Rear U brakes of this bike are extremely strong and responsive and offer ample braking power coupled with superior stability. The extra knobby tires of this bike provide supreme grip and make sure you are always in control. The Mongoose Intake has all the qualities which you typically look for in any BMX bicycle and if you are looking for an entry level BMX bike which offers to you strength, endurance, style and performance within a small budget, this can be the perfect choice.
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The Mongoose Intake Jump Bike comes with
Threadless Alloy Stem (4-Bolt); Low, Stand Over Frame with Reinforced Head tube; Box Section Handlebars; 25×9 Compact  Cassette Gearing System; Strong Rear U-brakes; 48-spoke Box Section Alloy Rims; Extra Knobby Tires; Screened Jump Saddle; Assembly Instructions Included.
The Mongoose Intake Jump Bike is another offering from Mongoose in the BMX variety. This bike is an entry level BMX bike which is ideal for beginners who are looking for good BMX bike to learn tricks on. The looks of the bike are quite slick and impressive. The steel frame of this bike makes it quite strong although the bike is a tad bit on the heavier side. The brakes of this bike are pretty sluggish and fail to impress at all.
This one does not ship fully assembled although assembling the bicycle should not pose any problem. However, in case you face any difficulty, do not be hesitant to take it to your local bike store.  The pedals, the seat, the chain and the hubs which ship with the bike are pretty cheap and low end. In order to get the most out of the bike, you will have to upgrade those especially if you are planning to hit the skate park.
Overall, this bike looks quite strong and the performance it delivers is quite satisfactory. The bike is quite sturdy and has the ability to take on the hard falls and poundings. Riding this bike is fun and it can also be used for hitting the gravel. The price of the bike increases once you take into account the cost of upgrades. However, even after taking into account the upgrade cost, this bike looks good for its price and if you are looking for a solid entry level BMX bike, this can really be a good choice.

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