Mongoose Fling 100 Bike for Girls

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The Mongoose Fling 100 Bike for Girls is a petite and stylish machine designed for girls who have an adventurous spirit to explore the potentials inside of them. This bike sports a soft look and the frame is made from a steel material that is molded to offer a high strength to weight ratio, making it the perfect choice for performing stunts, grinds and freestyles without compromising durability and comfort.

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The Mongoose Fling 100 Bike for Girls comes with the following features:

  • The frame is designed in a freestyle manner and built with material that offers a strong, yet light structure.
  • The braking system utilizes the alloy callipers which sport a three hundred and sixty degrees brake rotor.
  • It utilizes a single speed gearing configuration.
  • The rims are made from an alloy material that is rust-proof and very durable.
  • The seat is well padded for comfort.


The Mongoose Fling 100 Bike for Girls is a very fast and smooth machine that comes with feminine features befitting a princess. It performs much better as a cruising bike rather than a freestyle bike as the components look sort of fragile.  Assembling this bike will be easy for people with prior knowledge on bike assembly otherwise your best is to have it set up and properly tuned at a bike repair facility.

The bike comes very light, which is good considering the fact that it is meant for ladies, while the handlebars rotate a full three hundred and sixty degrees for stunts and tricks. A kickstand is also added which is very commendable.

The tires that come installed on the bike are fairly decent, pedals are plastics, the seat is hard and the bearings at the rear are not aligned perfectly, making it vulnerable to friction that can cause wear and the chain did not come already greased.

Nonetheless, the Mongoose Fling 100 Bike for Girls still offers decent features and for the price, it still offers good value for money. Surprise your kid with it and make her feel like the real princess that she is.


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