Mongoose Data X2.0 Bike (20’’ Wheels,Orange)

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Mongoose Data X2.0 Bike

The Mongoose X2.0 is a BMX bike which offers to you a complete package of strength, agility, endurance and style. The lightweight steel frame of the bike encourages freestyle riding and offers strength coupled with durability. This bike comes with an alloy caliper front brake and an alloy rear U brake which team up to provide ample braking power to stop the bike in time. The handle bar of this bike comes with a cable detangler which allows a 360 degree sweep ideal for performing stunts. The 25/9 micro drive gearing system that comes with the bike offers smooth shifting and contributes significantly in keeping the weight of the bike in check. It comes with 4 axle pegs installed and if you have stunts on your mind, this bike is ready to roll. This bike offers a solid all-round performance and is available at a price which is unrivalled. This bike comes with the capability of performing precise manoeuvres and can be used for doing stunts and tricks as well as hitting the dirt. It is one of the best BMX bicycles available in this price range and if you are ready to experience the thrill of riding the BMX way, this one is certainly for you.

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The Mongoose Data X2.0 Bike comes with
Steel frame which makes the bike light as well as strong
Alloy caliper front brakes and alloy rear U brakes team up to offer sheer braking force coupled with supreme stability and control
Handlebar with detangler allowing a 360 degree sweep
25/9 micro drive gearing system which offers fast gearing
4 axle pegs which facilitate doing stunts and tricks and offers different ride positions
The Mongoose X2.0 BMX comes with a freestyle lightweight steel frame. The bike is quite robust as well as light which makes it quite a good option if you are looking for a bicycle to do stunts. The brakes are quite responsive and offer precision braking with superior stability and control. It comes with 4 axle pegs which facilitate performing tricks and offers a number of different ride positions. The handle bar has a 360 degree sweep which allows you to perform some slick looking tricks.
The bike does not ship fully assembled. Assembly is quite straight forward for this bike. However, in case you face any difficulty, make sure to take it to your local bike shop. The saddle of the bike is not as comfortable as you would have liked it to be. The tires are also on a thinner side and are not suitable for riding on the gravel. The pedals of this bike are quite cheap and it is best to have them replaced with a better set.
In terms of performance, this bike puts up a fairly decent show. The weight of the bike is perfectly manageable and it is strong enough to handle the force of landing on the ground while doing streets. Price of the bike seems quite reasonable looking at the components of the bike and considering the performance it delivers. Although the price of the bike increases if you take into account the cost of upgrades, your investments certainly pay off and if you are looking for a decent BMX bike within a small budget, this one can really be a good choice.

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