Mongoose Boy’s Scan R50 Freestyle Bike

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The Mongoose Boy’s Scan R50 Freestyle Bike is a flexible and versatile bicycle whose fork and frame is designed to be lightweight. It comes with a thirty six spoke wheel alloy in black and wall tires that are colored. The stem uses four bolts of alloy material and the handlebar comes in two pieces. The braking system comes with a U brake made with alloys, a three piece tubular cranks sporting pedals made of alloy, comfortable and light seat and a microdrive gearing unit of 25/9.

This bicycle is not built with a front braking system thus making the bike very simple to ride and light weight.

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The Mongoose Boy’s Scan R50 Freestyle Bike with the following features:

  • Frame and suspension fork designed to be lightweight and for freestyling.
  • Sports alloys wheels colored black and with thirty spoke.
  • U braking system employed at the rear for powerful and controlled braking.
  • Comes with pedals made from alloy that is matched with a three piece cranks
  • 25/9 drive train offering a higher ground clearance and a very comfortable ride
  • Cassette hub fabricated from aluminium and featuring nine teeth.
  • Colored tires walls that offers superb traction.
  • Comes with a stitched seat for superb comfort and high quality.


The Mongoose Boy’s Scan R50 Freestyle Bike is a very durable and sleek bike that serves for practicing freestyling moves. It comes partially assembled and the instructions for coupling this are very detailed and easy to fix and tune. You don’t even need prior assembly knowledge before setting things up. It is lightweight, fast, sleek and the build quality is top notch.

The stem of the handlebar however will not take much abuse from usage but it nonetheless offers decent toughness and can easily be replaced.

The seat-post, together with the seat is formed into one piece and this makes the seating angle difficult to adjust, but it still offers superb comfort.

The tires are nice and colored for aesthetics while offering superb traction and low rolling resistance while the braking system which is only fitted at the rear offers excellent braking power for quick stopping thereby making all those freestyle moves interesting.

For a beginner to learning to freestyle with bicycles, this product offers a quality choice and for the price, it’s really worth investing in.

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