Madd Gear Boost BMX Bike (20’’)

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Madd Gear 20-Inch Boost BMX Bike

The Madd Gear BMX Boost is here to set the streets ablaze with its slick looks and loads of features. This bikes offers does not only look tough but it is actually extremely robust which can be attributed to its hi-tensile steel frame. Steel does not necessarily make the bike heavy and weighing at only 31 pounds, this bike is extremely handy. The Unicrown fork of this bike is strong enough to handle the toughest of falls and keeps the bike stable. The alloy rims of the bike are super-tough and come with 4 pegs which facilitate the stunts you might want to try out with this bike. The alloy U-brakes of this bike are strong enough and have ample braking power on offer. This bike puts up a grand performance and it offers to you strength and reliability coupled with style and endurance. The 14 millimetre rear axle, PVC Madd Gear grips, super strong alloy rims and alloy front and rear hubs are some of the other notable features of this bike. The price of the bike is what makes it stand out from the crowd of other BMX bikes. You will rarely find a bike which offers these many features which is being sold in this price range. As  a result, The Madd Gear BMX Boost offers you one of the best deals in the BMX segment and if you are looking for tough and high-performance BMX bike, you will probably not find any better bicycles in this price range.
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The Madd Gear BMX Boost comes equipped with
Hi-Tensile Steel Frame (with integrated headtube); 14 millimetre axle; Unicrows Steel Fork (20’’); Steel Bars; PVC Madd Gear Brakes; FSA Orbit C Integrated Headset; Alloy Stem (28.6 millimetre); 3-piece CRO-MO Cranks; Steel Sprocket (25T); KMC Z510 Chain; Alloy 36H Front and Rear Hubs; Alloy Single Walled Rims (36H); Steel Pegs; Alloy U Brakes and Plastic Saddle.
The Madd Gear BMX Boost is a tough piece of machinery. This bike comes with a hi-ten steel frameset and fork which make it quite strong. The weight of the bicycle is around 31 pounds which is a bit on the higher side for a BMX bike although it is extremely easy to handle. The components which have been used to construct the bike are pretty tough and durable- a factor that certainly increases its life span. The alloy rims, U-brakes, the 14 millimetre axle and the alloy front and rear hubs – all vouch for this fact. It comes with 4-pegs which you can use to perform grinds or stunts.
This bike does not ship fully assembled. Assembly is pretty easy and straight forward. However, in case you have not assembled a bike before and do not feel confident, take it to your local bike shop to have it set up and tuned in. The saddle of the bicycle is quite cheap which is very common in the bikes of this price range. The pedals also follow in the footsteps of the saddle and are quite low end. Upgrade those parts and you have a complete bicycle which delivers a power-packed performance.
Overall, the Madd Gear BMX Boost delivers a satisfactory performance. The price of this bike is extremely reasonable keeping in mind the features it offers. It is strong enough and come with the promise of durability although the weight of this one is slightly on a higher side for a BMX bike. As a BMX bike, this bicycle is perfectly capable of handling the dirt and if you are looking for a reliable BMX bike within a small budget, this one can definitely be considered as one of your options.

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