KHE Bikes A-Damn ST Black (19.25-inch)

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KHE Bikes A-Damn ST BMX Bike

KHE Bikes A-Damn ST BMX Bike is an intermediate level BMX offering from the collection of KHE Bikes. This bike comes with a full chromoly 4130 frameset which is extremely strong as well as light. The weight of this bike is around 25 pounds which is perfectly acceptable for a BMX variant. Adam AD 4120 chromoly fork of this bike is quite tough and has the capability to handle the abuses you put the bicycle through. KHE 25 tooth rotor sprocket of this bike is quite strong and together with the PRISM 3-pc chromoly 160 millimetre crank of this bike, it forms the drive train. The power transfer in this one is amazing and it can build speed fairly quickly. It is also extremely responsive which can be attributed to its crank which does a nice job in transferring the power from the pedals to the turf. Prism EasyO double walled front and rear rims of this bike are extremely tough and can handle the jolts and hits with ease. Prism St U-brake of this bike is extremely strong and makes sure the bike can stop in time. The A-Damn ST is a quality BMX bicycle for serious riders. The price tag associated with this bike is extremely low and in case you are looking for a quality BMX bicycle under a small budget, this is one of the best options that you have available on the market.
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The KHE Bikes A-Damn ST BMX Bike comes with
4130 Chromoly Frameset with Integrated Headset; Adam AD 4130 Chromoly Fork ; Adam AD 2-pc Handle Bar with 5 degree Upsweep and 6 degree Backsweep; Prism Flat Stem; Prism Ansa Grips; Prism Chromoly 3-pc Crank (160-millimetre); KHE Rotor 25 Tooth Steel Sprocket; MidBB Sealed Bottom Bracket; Prism Thin Plastic Pedals; Prism EasyO Double Walled Front and Rear Rims; Prism Tiny 10 millimetre 36-H Front Hub; Taska Freecoaster 36H Rear Hub; Prism Impac Front and Rear Tires; KHE Watanbe Seat plus Aluminium Seat Post; Prism ST U-Brake with Soft Pads; Prism Pincher Brake Lever; Aluminium Pegs.
KHE A-Damn ST is aimed at serious as well as intermediate riders. The frame and fork material of this bike is 4130 chromoly steel which makes the bicycle quite strong as well as durable. This one fares out quite well as a BMX bike and delivers a solid performance. The components of the bike are quite durable and they have been judiciously chosen to control the weight of this bike.
The weight of the bike is around 25 pounds which is acceptable. This one does not come with a detangler which is kind of a surprise. Assembling it is quite straight forward and should not pose any major problem. You might want to have the saddle as well the pedals upgraded before you actually start to ride it.
The looks of the bike are pretty cool and funky. The performance delivered is also more than satisfactory. The brakes of this bike function well and offer superb control while braking. Overall, this bike looks quite strong and the price of the bike also seems quite reasonable. This one is for serious riders who are looking for a quality bike and if you are looking for strong, durable and stylish BMX bike to take on the ramps in the skate park, you can certainly consider the KHE A-Damn ST as one of your choices.

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