Kent Super 20 Boys Bike (20-Inch Wheels), Red/Black/White

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The Kent Super Bike for Boys is the perfect machine for boys looking to express the adventure spirit in them. This frame of this rugged machine is constructed from a welded steel frame material and offers dual suspension system while the suspension fork for the front uses the downhill configuration to allow for efficient control and smooth ride. The gearing system comes with seven speed with shifters that is operated via the twist grip, together with a seat clamp that employ a quick release mechanism to allow for easy and fast adjustment of the seat. Armed with these configurations, this bicycle is guaranteed to deliver a safe and comfortable ride.

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The Kent Super Bike for Boys comes with the following features:

  • Easy rolling wheels which are sized at twenty inches with better traction.
  • A seven speed gear configuration operated via twist grippers.
  • A dual suspension frame made from steel material that is fully welded together with a downhill suspension fork for the front.
  • At just thirty six pounds, this bike comes lightweight for easier control.
  • Seat employs a quick release mechanism to allow for adjustments.


The Kent Super Bike for Boys is a well-made bike, very solid and a bit on the heavy side due to the components of the suspension system. If you are familiar with setting up bikes, then assembling this product will not be a problem, otherwise you can take it to a pro for set up and proper tuning. The suspension fork allows for adequate travel allowance to dampen and absorb bumps and rough terrain with relative ease while the suspension on the rear is easily adjusted by operating a knob. The gears shifts and responds nicely and the design features are such that it is suited for kids who are not overly short or too tall. The braking systems are also efficient and provide adequate force to quickly stop the bike in case of an emergency. In fact, you could decide to ride this bike on trails just like a MTB and it will take the grinds well. One issue though is that when seated, the distance to lean before you can properly grip and control the handlebar is long but with time, you will get used to adjusting yourself properly for comfort and control. This bike is really a very nice product to ignore and investing in this one will be something you will never regret.

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