Fly Racing Default BMX Helmet for Youth

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The Fly Racing Default BMX Helmet for Youth is a lightweight headgear that measures at just 2.5 pounds making it feel comfortable on the head. It is made to be utilized majorly for free riding, racing, mountain biking and even skating. The design feature incorporates an aerodynamically shaped shell made from poly alloy and the styling is detailed with very nice graphics. Twenty one vents are well positioned to allow for better entry of air to be used for cooling the head as well as extra ports at the rear to allow exit of warm used air. The liner on the inside is removable together with the cheek pad and can be washed for a fresh smell. The straps for the chin are padded and utilize a D ring for closure.

This helmet is certified by the CSPC as it meets high design standards which is an assurance of the quality process incorporated in building this helmet.

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The Fly Racing Default BMX Helmet for Youth comes with the following features:

  • The shell of this helmet is designed in an aerodynamic shaped structure and made from a poly alloy material.
  • It comes with well positioned vents that are twenty one in number to allow for effective distribution of airflow to allow for cooling the head on hot days.
  • The liners and the cheek pads are removable and can be washed to allow an odour-free and fresh smell.
  • The straps for the chin are well padded to allow for better comfort when fitting and comes with closure that utilizes the D ring system.
  • Incorporates a sun visor that comes handy to protect against sun glare.
  • Utilizes an EPS foam liner that has been certified by the CSPC as an assurance of quality standards.


The Fly Racing Default BMX Helmet for Youth is a very tough helmet with protective features that is designed to offer a comfortable wear. It is well shaped to offer a streamlined wear that allows airflow to pass through nice and well, entering the vents to provide adequate cooling for the head.

The straps are well made and they don’t chaff the skin plus they allow for perfect fitting for different head sizes. The liners on the inside can be washed when it’s stained with sweat so that you can always eliminate odours.

Generally, this helmet is recommended for youths as it offers the basic protective features you need for your biking adventure.

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