Fly Racing Default BMX Helmet for Adults

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The Fly Racing Default BMX Helmet for Adults is a protective head gear designed to be lightweight as it measures just 2.5 pounds. It can be used for racing, mountain biking and free rides. The shell of this helmet is made from a poly-alloy material and is designed to be aerodynamically stable. Crisp graphics are featured on the shell while it comes with twenty one vents that have been located and distributed to allow for incoming airflow to cool the head while the warm used air are being expelled from the rear. The liners can be removed and washed for a fresher smell while the visors features aluminium screws, the chain region is well padded to prevent irritation. As an indication of the unwavering resolution to always produce high quality components, this bike has been certified by CSPC so be rest assured you are getting well checked and trusted bicycle.

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The Fly Racing Default BMX Helmet for Adults comes with the following features:

  • Designed lightweight at just 2.5 pounds thus will not make the head feel heavy.
  • Has twenty one well distributed air vents for collecting incoming air, cools the head and vents the warm air via rear ports.
  • Shell material is made from a poly-alloy material that offers durability and it comes with a liner made foam EPS on the inside. This liner can be removed and washed to allow for a fresh smell.
  • The helmet is certified by the CSPC as a sign of compliance to its strict guideline.


The Fly Racing Default BMX Helmet for Adults is super light and functions well for multiple purpose. The venting is superb as it allows for excellent cooling with the many vents incorporated into the body. The padding in the chin area is a bit awkward, but generally it still offers good and decent features for a better ride. The design, feel and look of this helmet are premium, and the paint job is really eye catchy. This is really a good product to buy as it will completely cover and protect your face form falls. It is really worth considering.

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