Fiction Epic BMX 2013 Edition

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2013 Fiction Epic BMX Space Suit Silver

The Fiction Epic BMX 2013 is an entry eve BMX bicycle which offers to you a complete package of style, strength, performance and durability.  This bicycle comes with a steel frame and a chromoly downtube. The fork of this model is also made of steel and features a threadless steerer. The frame as well as the fork of this bicycle is quite strong and durable and they make sure it can handle the hard falls and the abuses that you put it through. The Rear APSE U brake offer precision braking with superb stability and control. 25 tooth sprocket of this bike is quite durable and together with the 3-pc tubular chromoly cranks, it ensures smooth power transfer resulting in a responsive bike. 6061 36H alloy front and rear rims of this bike are extremely strong and come with the promise of durability. This bike is ideal for beginners and budding riders who are searching for a quality BMX bike to get started on the BMX path. The price of this bike is entirely value driven and the bicycle certainly pays back on the investment. The Fiction Epic 2013 edition is a quality BMX bike being offered to you at a staggeringly low price and if you’re looking for a solid and reliable BMX bike, this one can be the perfect choice.
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The Fiction Epic BMX 2013 Edition comes with
TIG Welded Steel Frame with Chromoly Downtube;  Steel Fork with Hi-tensile Tubing and Threadless Steerer; 3-pc Chromoly Tubular Crankset (175 millimetre); US 8-spline Bottom Bracket;  25T Fiction Power Ring Sprocket; Finction Monkey 4130 Chromoly Handlebar (Rise: 8-inch; Width:28-inch; 10o Backsweep; 2o Upsweep); Front Load Alloy Stem;  1-1/8th Threadless Headset; APSE Alloy Brake Levers; Fiction Combo PC Seat and Post;  9/16’’ Resin Pedals; APSE Rear U Brakes; 36-Hole Axle (10 millimetre) Front Hub; 9 Tooth KT /Quando Cassette Rear Hub;  6061 Alloy Front and Rear Rims (36-hole); 20-inch x 2.125-inch Front Tire and 20-inch x 1.95-inch Rear Tire.
The Fiction Epic 2013 comes with a steel frame and fork. The bike weighs around 26.7 pounds which is not great but still well within the acceptable limit for a BMX bike. The bicycle looks quite strong and durable and delivers on its promises. The performance it delivers is more than just satisfactory.
Assembling the bike should not pose any major problems in case you have done something like this before. However, in case you do not feel confident, have it set up by a professional bike mechanic. There are some components which you might want to upgrade before actually starting to ride this bike. The tires, the pedals and the seat need to be replaced in order to enjoy the most out of the bike.
Overall, this bike looks decent for its price. Although you might need to upgrade a few components which increases the cost, still the price looks good considering the performance it delivers. This bike is ideal to get started on the BMX path and hence, this is a bike fit for beginners or intermediate riders.

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