Eastern Bikes, the Warlock Edition 2013 The BMX Bike

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Eastern Bikes Warlock 2013 Edition BMX Bike

Riders looking for originality will fall in love with the Warlock. The cutouts are there which offer some weight savings, also the features like the sealed bearing and a rear hub, as well as the double wall rim rear, makes it even more hardcore bike that demands some less maintenance with the product’s life. The 21” top tube also invites tall riders. This bike comes with pedals of Eastern Crown and one Fat seat and post combo. If shipping, it comes unassembled in the original box and packaging but it can easily be assembled by your local bike shop or with basic hand tools and some mechanical ability. 20 inch in total length. This bike offers to you a complete package of performance and durability at an amazingly low price and it delivers the ultimate value for your money.

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The bike has the 20-Inch, and sealed integrated headset. It has sealed bearing and double wall wheels for the front and rear. The chromyl tube and a full 4130 chromyl fork are included.
With its cutting edge g Reaper style, this bike looks flawless on the road. The 25 pounds sound heavy but when cycling; they really don’t mean anything. The top top is exceptionally well adjustable and is actually very easily adjusted to any rider’s requirement without the need to call a bike mechanic. The chromoly used in the manufacturing makes it promising and long lasting. The sealed bearing rear hub and wall rear rim sounds hard to clean but because it’s sealed you won’t have to wipe it often. The Feather light, exceptional grip and chromoly axle Eastern Crown pedals look and feel awesome to use. There is a fully integrated sealed headset, which is not only durable and light weighted, but also stylish. The black color matching with black rims altogether looks very cool. Strong, stylish and comfortable this bike will make every passer by turn to have a second look.
This bike ships unassembled and that may be a little worry for the owners who haven’t assembled bikes before, but any local bike shop can help you fix this because it does not require any special techniques other than basic bike assembling skills. After it’s all fixed, you are ready to go and tear up the roads.
If a rider is in search of originality and precision then his search is over. This bike offers all there is to ask of a high end precision bicycle. The price cannot get more reasonable because the components included in its structure are more than anyone can ask for. The performance leaves everyone speechless yet wanting to say a lot. So anyone who is a real bike lover cannot pass on this amazing bike.

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