Eastern Bikes Battery BMX 2014

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Eastern Bikes Battery 2014 Edition BMX Bike

The Battery 2014 is a BMX bike that offers to you strength, endurance, style and reliability. This bicycle has all the traits that you typically look for in any BMX bike. This bike comes with a Hi-Tensile steel frame which offers strength and endurance. The fork of the bike is also made of steel and it can efficiently handle the jolts and hard landings which the bike may encounter during stunts or tricks. This bike comes with a 25t by 9t gearing with micro-drive. The alloy 36-h rims offer strength coupled with durability while it’s U-brakes offer sheer braking force and superior control while braking. The fully sealed 36-hole rear cassette hubs and 36-hole front hub offer strength and contributes significantly in increasing the life span of the bicycle. Weight of this bicycle is 26.5 pounds which is right on the money for a BMX bike. The bike is being offered at a price range which is staggeringly low and if you are looking for an entry level BMX bike which offers a top-notch performance coupled with strength and endurance, this one can be the perfect choice.
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Eastern Bikes Battery BMX 2014 Edition with 24-inch Wheels comes equipped with:

  • Hi-tensile steel frame
  • 20 inch top tube
  • 1020 steel Eastern Battery fork
  • Eastern stem BMX bar (H:8.25 inch xW:27.5 inch,Back-sweep:12o,Up-sweep:1o)
  • Eastern Riblet grips
  • Eastern forged aluminium stem
  • 1 1/8’’ Ahead Headset
  • Rear U-brake
  • American loose ball bottom bracket
  • Plastic pedals
  • KMC Z510 chain
  • Eastern Phorcys sprocket(25T)
  • 175 millimetre Cr-mo heat treated crank (3-piece, 8-spline axle)
  • Loose ball bearing front hub (3/8’’ axle)
  • Cassette rear hub with sealed bearings (14 millimetre axle, 9T driver)
  • Eastern combo seat with integrated seatpost
  • Forged alloy seat clamp

The Eastern Bike’s Battery 2014 is an entry level BMX bike which weighs around 27 pounds. Coming with a steel frame and fork, the bike is quite strong and durable. For a bike aimed at beginners, this one offers a lot of features. For example, this one comes with a micro-drive, fully sealed rear cassette hub, chromoly axle and tubular chromoly 3-piece crank set.
The bike looks quite stylish and elegant. The performance it delivers is quite impressive. This bicycle can be used for riding at your local park or you can decide it to take it off the road and on the gravel. On both the occasions, it passes the test quite well. Assembling the bike is quite easy. The only downside of this bike are its brakes which do not function well as you might have expected.
Overall, the bike puts up a decent show. It is quite strong, provides a lot of features, performance is more than satisfactory and the price point seems quite reasonable. The bicycle has a lot to offer to beginners who are looking for a BMX bike to get started and if you are planning to buy an entry-level BMX bike within a small budget, this one is one of your best options.

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