DK #20203 HYDRA Bike for Boys

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The DK #20203 HYDRA Bike for Boys is a massive twenty inch bicycle that features a frame built with high tensile steel on a welded brake mounts and a welded crossbar used for constructing the handlebar together with a brake lever that can be operated with two fingers. The wheels are the cassette type and feature a fourteen millimetres hub at the rear with a thirty six high rise rims made from an alloy material. The pedal platform is made from nylon and fibre combo and the seat together with the seat post all comes in one piece.

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The DK #20203 HYDRA Bike for Boys comes with the following features:

  • A study and tough frame designed from a1020 Hi-ten model steel materials with brake mounts that are welded.
  • The handlebar features a two piece design rested firmly on a crossbar that is welded.
  • Cassette wheels are used and they come with a hub sized at fourteen millimetres and positioned at the rear.
  • Pedal platforms made from a combination of fibre and nylon for a resilient ride while the seat post and the seat are in one piece.


The DK #20203 HYDRA Bike for Boys is a superb bike that is easily controlled and rides smooth. The assembly instructions that comes with it explains better with pictures on setting up and fine tuning shouldn’t be a problem. Ensure the handlebars are fully tightened as they have a tendency of falling off if not properly fixed in. A chain adjuster too will be a handy tool for fixing the chains as they get loose often.

The parts and components that make up this bike are of top quality and they all work well to ensure you get a smooth and fun biking experience. For the price, it offers a decent entry level experience, but nonetheless, upgrades can be made to enhance the performance as per preference.

The DK #20203 HYDRA Bike for Boys is recommended as the perfect gift to surprise your boy as they will definitely love it.

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