Diamondback Viper 2014 BMX Bicycle (20’’ Wheels,Orange)

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Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Viper BMX Bike

The Diamondback Viper 2014 is a complete BMX bike in all aspects. Equipped with a steel frame, this bike offers strength as well as reliability. The steel fork of this bike is tough and provides just the right level of stiffness. Comp III style tires of this bike are quite adept at handling the dirt and offers superior grip both on and off the road. Aluminium rims of this bike are quite robust and have the ability to handle pressure. The rims are light and contribute significantly in keeping the weight of the bike in check. Rush linear brakes of this bike of this bicycle offer ample braking force to stop the bike in time and offer superior stability while braking. The power transfer in this bike is amazing which can be attributed to its steel crank which makes sure you get the power when it’s needed. The DB BMX padded saddle of the bike offers a comfortable ride while the stunning looks of the bike turns a lot of heads. This bike has all the features that you typically look for in any BMX bike and the price point at which this bike is being offered makes it one hell of a deal.
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The Diamondback Viper BMX Bike 2014 Edition comes equipped with

  • Steel frame which makes the bike robust enough to withstand pressure and offers durability
  • Steel fork  which comes with the ability of handling pressure
  • Comp III style tires which offer durability and can handle the gravel with ease
  • Lightweight rims which offer strength and endurance
  • Rush linear brakes which are extremely responsive and offer ample braking force
  • Steel crank which make sure optimal power transfer
  • DB Max saddle

The Viper 2014 by Diamondback is another offering from Diamondback’s rich, versatile and extensive collection. This one comes with a steel frameset and fork which ensure strength and durability. The weight of the bike makes it quite manageable and if you are planning do some stunts with this one, you will see this lightness coming into the picture. The Comp III style tires of the bicycle are durable enough to handle the rough surfaces while its aluminium rims offer the necessary strength to efficiently deal with undulated roads.
The brakes of this bike are linear which are not very popular in BMX bikes and they fail to impress. Braking of this bike is quite sluggish. The saddle and the pedals are quite low end and need to be upgraded for getting the most out of the bike. Pegs do not come with the bike and if you have stunts on your mind, you need to install them yourself. Assembling the bike is quite straight forward and should not pose any problem.
Overall, the bike looks great. The bike is fairly light and handles well. Apart from the few down sides mentioned above, the bike is pretty solid and it is quite impressive for its price. The performance it delivers is satisfactory and if you are looking for a BMX bike which is strong, light and durable, you can certainly consider buying this one.

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