Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Mini Viper Kid’s BMX Bike

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The term BMX stands for bicycle motor cross. This is the sleek country cousin of regular bikes. BMX bikes like the Mini Viper are the sleek country cousins of regular sports bikes used mostly for off road racing and stunt riding. The Mini Viper Kid’s BMX bike with 16 inch wheels allows the young adult to zip across friends’ bikes with absolutely no fear for skidding and slipping. The Mini Viper BMX is light and flexible at a mere 28.6 pounds and, because of its likeability amongst kids, has become one of the fast selling sports bikes in the market.

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Most parents introduce their kids to bike riding early in life. Helping them start with a versatile bike as the Mini Viper will not only get them hooked onto the hobby of bike riding but will also introduce them to a whole new world of staying fit and active while leveraging the benefits of fresh air activities. And the many unique features of the Mini Viper have made it a best seller in the market. It’s a casual form of biking that users love both for pleasure and sport. Designed for a wide variety of terrain from parks, streets and dirt, it gives bikers the edge of getting used to riding on all sorts of terrain.

For facilitating rides for kids, the Mini Viper has an enviable Hi- Ten steel frame and steel fork to durability and strength. It’s a well crafted bike for kids with clean lines and an uncomplicated design. The steel frame may sound heavy but it actually makes biking for kids easy because it’s light weight. Thinking of the wear and tear these off road bikes are subjected to, the makers has given Mini Viper a frame that will not only withstand wear and tear but which will also last long.

After the frame, what draws buyers’ attention is the sturdy fork, which, by virtue of being flexible and malleable provides much needed stability to kid bikers. The steel forks add to the element of safe handling of the bike. The wheel size of the Mini Viper is a sturdy 16” making its grip of uneven roads dependable and therefore ensures safety of the young bikers. The wide wheels on this one help the rider in off road riding, by providing better grip on the road.

Among other features, the position of the seat in the BMX Mini Viper is level so that users don’t feel that they are tipping forward or sliding off back. The wheels of the Mini Viper are designed to instil confidence in the rider and thus increase their skill with every ride. The coaster brakes enable the rider to back pedal when needed.

The next futuristic design element is the single speed drive train which is a reliable component of the bike’s design which, without using the derailleur gears and hub gearing can give the bike speed without worrying about the varying gear ratio. Also in the list of fantastic features is the linear pull rear brake which delivers the much required safety boosting stopping power. The Diamond back Mini Viper has all safety features and more to make it just the most appropriate biking option for kids.


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