Diamondback Bicycle Venom 2014 BMX (20-Inches Wheels)

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Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Venom BMX Bike (20-Inch Wheels)

Diamond Bicycles Venom 2014 BMX Bike is an entry level road bike which is here to beat the roads with its lightning fast pace and slick looks. The fork also provides just the right level of stiffness. Complete with the both of the frame of  Hi -Ten Steel that is strong, super strong tubular chromo 3-piece cranks, Brakes which are Tektro 907 deliver performance and precision and the SST Orgy cable detangle, Venom is very potent as the name suggests. Specifications can be changed.
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Product Specifications
The Hi-Ten frame of steel with w/Mid BB
3 piece Tubular Chromalloy cranks
Cassette Rears Hub driver
Tektro  Brakes 907
DB Sound Pedal
The Venom BMX is one of those bikes that live up to all your wildest expectations from a bike. The high-ten steel frame is something we can call hardcore. Durable, long lasting and an appreciable high quality are just some of the features this frame has to offer. Along with the quality it also has looks. The cutting edge design along with the blood-red and black combination this bike lives up to its rocking name. The tubular chromo cranks 3 pcs are easy to oil and clean. The featured brakes are something worth noticing. The Tektro 907 brakes deliver performance and precision, giving you the brakes you can trust. The SST Orgy cable detangles is also a class of its own and included in the structure of this bike. The special design of the frame also gives you a comfortable ride experience.  Fast, strong and precise, this bike has all that takes to be a high end road bike.
The bike ships unassembled and that sounds a little bothersome. The steering columns, pedals, the saddles, the reflector and the front tire needs to be put together but if you consult a bike mechanic or someone in your neighbourhood who has assembled a bike before this can’t really be that hard. The brake and paddling joints will need some tune up. After that there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your new bike. This bike delivers speed, performance, agility and style all in one go, making you proud with the price you paid.  Although the bike is a bit on the heavier side for a racing bicycle, it is perfect for the commuting or fitness riding.
This is an excellent bike, delivering quite high ride quality. The price is absolutely worth it and anyone in search of style and comfort with quality speed is recommended to have it.

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