Diamonback Session BMX Bike (2014) 24’’ Wheels

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Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Session Pro BMX Bike

The Session BMX Bike by Diamondback comes to you offering strength and reliability coupled with style. This one is quite similar to its sibling the Diamondback Session with 20-inch wheels. This bicycle comes with a steel frame which is strong enough to handle the poundings the bike might take while performing tricks. The fork of this bike is also made from the same material as its frame and delivers a solid performance by efficiently absorbing the hits off the turf. In line with its smaller version, this one comes with Tektro 907 brakes which offer precise and responsive braking along with superior control which enables you to perform tricks and stunts more effectively. The Chromoly 3 piece crank of this bike ensures optimal power transfer and ensures that you get the response when it is needed the most. This looks of the bike are quite sharp and impressive. This machine offers to you a comprehensive package of style, performance, strength and endurance and if you have been looking for a high performance and solid BMX bike, this one can end that search.

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Diamondback Session BMX Bike 2014 Edition with 24-inch Wheels comes equipped withSteel frameset which offers strength coupled with durability

  • Steel fork which can handle pressure and ensure stability
  • Tektro 907 series rear brakes which offer sheer braking power and allows smooth barking with greater control
  • Chromoly 3-piece crank which makes sure that the efforts you put in get to the road.
  • FSA Headset
  • DB Sound Pedals
  • 39/16 Gearing

The Diamondback Session BMX Bicycle 2014 Edition with 24’’ wheels is a variation of the Seesion 2014 with 20’’ wheels. Both the bikes are very similar and have a lot of common components. The performances of these bikes are also comparable. This one, like its smaller version, comes with a steel frame and fork. Tektro 907 brakes also feature in both these versions and the braking is alright in this bike. The bike is fairly strong and if you are looking to perform stunts and grinds, this will fit the occasion perfectly.
Now to the downsides of this bike: the seats are not at all comfortable. Although typically you will not be sitting on it often, still it could have been a lot better. The pedals are cheap and must be replaced. The gearing is not as good as you might have expected and the chain sometimes has the tendency of making a squeaking noise.
Apart from the few glitches as mentioned above, this bike looks solid from all angles. It is quite strong as well as light. Looks are quite slick and impressive. The performance it delivers is quite satisfactory and the price tag associated with this bike sounds just right. This bike offers you value for your money and if you are looking for a solid and reliable BMX bike to hit the skating park or the dirt-tracks, this one can be a good choice.

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