Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet

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The Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet is a versatile and tough product designed to be utilized for both biking and skating. It uses an innovative technology called ‘fraction’ and the shell is manufactured from a hard plastic material impregnated with ABS, together with an EPS liner built with dual density material. The helmet incorporates twelve vents strategically positioned along the shell to allow for easy airflow inside the helmet while allowing for used air to be vented out for maximum cooling effect. The helmet is also lightweight at four hundred and twenty six grams; it won’t make you feel like you are carrying a truckload on your head.  There are additional pads of varying thickness on the inside that comes adjustable so as to provide for perfect fit, depending on the shape and size of the head, while making comfort a priority.

This multi-sport helmet has been designed to the highest standards as it is certified by the CSPC for complying with the stringent safety standard which is an assurance that your safety is guaranteed with the usage of this product.

It comes in varying options in terms of fantastic color and sizes for user choices.

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The Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet comes with the following features:

  • A shell made from a hard plastic ABS Hard Plastic Shell
  • Comes with an EPS material built with dual density foam for superb padding characteristics.
  • Light weight at four hundred and twenty five grams.
  • Incorporates twelve vents that are well positioned for cooling the head.
  • Certified safe by the CSPC


The Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet is one the most versatile helmets available as it is well built and functions well to protect the head against accidental falls. It is designed to cover the whole head and it comes with a superb fit for all head shapes and sizes. You can detach the bell sticker on the helmet if you don’t it as they remove easily without leaving residues.

The vents are well positioned and they do a nice job of providing adequate cooling for the head while the liner on the inside is well padded for comfort especially during long rides. This helmet does not feel heavy on the head and it comes with a quality rating in terms of safety.

In all, for a low price, this helmet is worth considering for the basic protection it offers.

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