2014 Academy, the Time to Ride BMX Complete Bike Black

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2014 Academy Time to Ride Complete BMX Bike Black with Red


The 2014 Academy the Time to Ride BMX Complete Bike has various specifications. It can be said according to the frames, brakes and rim it has. The fork is made of Hi-Ten. The frame is also of Hi-Ten, 19.5” TT and the rear 13.5”. The handle bars are again of Hi-Ten with a rise of 8.25” and the width being 28”. It has grips called Academy Pro. The stem is of Pro Alloy and of front load variety. The brakes are of Alloy making them light and durable. They are sleek and of 990 style. The sprocket is of Academy 25T.  The chain is made of KMC. The paddles are of plastic. All these features make this bike light and durable. The rims are also made from Alloy. The seat post is made of steel to make it more strong and comfortable. The main feature of this is that durability and fashion is mixed vibrantly in this particular bike.

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-The Frame of 2014 Academy the Time to Ride BMX Complete Bike is 19.5″TT Hi-Ten at the rear it is 13.5″
-The Forks again is made of Academy Hi-Ten material.
-The Handlebars again is made from Hi-Ten. The Grips are Pro Academy.
- The brakes are of Front Load variety of 990 styles. To make it light weight it is produced of Alloy.
-The Sprocket is of Academy 25T variety.
-The Crankset is Forged and of 3pcs.
-The pedals are made from plastic of Wellgo Platform.
-The Rims are made of Alloy.
The 2014 Academy the Time to Ride BMX Complete Bike is an opening level street bicycle by BMX. Light, quick and nimble, this bicycle conveys a force stuffed execution and has all it takes to be a superior street bicycle. It accompanies a Hi-Ten fork. Hi-Ten segments have been utilized for various parts and shifters and they satisfy their normal notoriety; moving is quick and consistent.
This bicycle sometimes comes in a pack and has to be assembled by the purchaser. If you feel hardship in doing so, you can contact the store and they will readily help them to assemble it. The brake sometimes will require some tune up. On the off chance that you have collected a bicycle some time recently, this ought to be much simpler. The bike is light weight and elegant to look at. Economy wise it is most efficient compared to other bikes of the same specification. This bike gives a comfortable and pleasant ride and it is one of the best choices you can make for its specifications.

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